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AI Vanguard: The Global Initiative for Positive Change

Tuan Nguyen

Co-founder and CEO

Key highlights

1. Tuan Nguyen is a visionary leader and entrepreneur, and a familiar face in the tech sphere. His career journey began long before public access to the World Wide Web, and he has had a front-row seat to most tech developments that took shape in the 90s and warmed society to AI-back automation. Therefore, he channels his deep understanding of AI's potential and risks into systems that would improve and sustain the future.

2. Tuan's environment, experiences, and passion for his work carved a path for him that led to a commitment toward impactful leadership. His contribution to societal improvement was most notable in his keynote speech at the C20 – G20 Summit India 2023. He acknowledges that the support from family, colleagues, partners, and groups has been influential in collaborating with like-minded individuals, exploring new markets, embracing new cultures and ideas, and disseminating his agenda.

3. Tuan pictures an ideal world as one that is enlightened, uses and provides equal access to AI, and is united toward improvement as AI World Society (AIWS). He advises leaders and entrepreneurs on the pitfalls and benefits of AI since understanding is the first step toward a secure tomorrow. Integrating AI into society, that is, in business, politics, economy, culture, education, etc., will require much-needed collaboration for societal improvement.


Imagine watching the news, and all you can see is positivity—no war, poverty, starvation, hunger, or discrimination reports. Imagine only knowing peace and laughter, a good climate, and quality lifestyles. Seems like a pipe dream, right? Well, for Tuan Nguyen, there are endless possibilities in AI. His entrepreneurial and professional experience proves the right mix of knowledge and practicality can improve and sustain societal outcomes.

"We think about the world's future with AI; we need to manage, govern and develop, and make a great world with wonderful peace and security.”

Tuan Nguyen is the co-founder and CEO of Boston Global Forum, which focuses on integrating AI and other digital technology into impactful solutions for society. He is also the co-founder and the first CEO and Editor -in - Chief of VietNamNet, an online newspaper in Vietnam, and AI World Society (AIWS), a Seven-Layer model of a world reflecting a society deeply rooted in applied AI with the vision of an Age of Global Enlightenment, a platform that creates awareness and educates about AI to secure a sustainable global future. Tuan is among the executive members of the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI), which focuses on global enlightenment using AI.

Tuan is part of the initiative that serves his societal improvement objective when he is not leading an organization. For instance, he collaborates and partners with leaders from various industries, warming them to his agenda of an AI-backed sustainable world. Today, Tuan's contributions to positive global change have been most felt in policy development and codes of conduct in cybersecurity.

AI for a Positive Society: Spreading the Message

Tuan is passionate about creating awareness of AI and its positive application. However, despite operating in the USA, Japan, Europe, India and Vietnam, he intends to grow his global audience and realize a more significant global impact. For instance, Tuan co-authored "Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment" in 2021. The book provides vital insights about AI, initiatives for positive change, and new global enlightenment (it is a must-read for businesspersons and leaders).

AI has endless applications that span various industries. First, AI technology can navigate large data sets to fragments and less obvious connections that can inform problem-solving. Second, AI's ability to learn and capture critical information from large information sets gives it leverage in innovation to channel crucial findings into newer and more effective systems ( - Powering a Personal Wealth Movement, 2023). Such observations are already evident in healthcare, where AI picks patterns from health info and safeguards access and storage. Therefore, AI presents endless possibilities for healthcare, communication, education, banking, retail, investment and manufacturing, and other sectors.

“We should think about AI as a society. It includes politics, economy, business, education, culture, and many others. We should create a society because a society for the future of the world is from us, from now, from every citizen, and every citizen can contribute, so that we try to attract new citizens, to join, contribute and work together.”

Civil 20 Summit

The C20 Summit presented the perfect opportunity for a debate on the use and importance of AI in improving future society. For instance, attendees from civil society groups in various industries across the globe voiced their concerns about developing lasting solutions for economic and social development. The C20 also doubles as an engagement group for the G20 summit. Therefore, the C20 summit doubles as a conduit for channelling civil society concerns into a more significant global forum responsible for directing and supporting international action.

"The motto of C20 was 'you are the light.' It was exciting because our AIWS initiative involved creating a model for the age of global enlightenment. Enlightenment and light are the same thing."

Many leaders across the world and from different industries attended the summit. The AIWS, through the Boston Global Forum, presented the global enlightenment age model, a concept that was received with a lot of enthusiasm. The event provides a large and diverse audience that accelerates the awareness of civil societal issues as they emerge and the countermeasures that apply to different regions. More importantly, the C20’s management and organization are driven by the promotion of value through quality public relations.

Civil20 India Summit 2023
Tuan Nguyen giving a talk on the main stage at the Civil20 India Summit 2020


According to Quinn & Thakor (2019), a good mission is not only grounded on generating finances but generating long-term value for all stakeholders. It should be something that transcends personal interest and drives stakeholders to commit to a benevolent end. Similarly, BGF's mission is to foster global partnerships and secure a sustainable future as a unitary global society. For instance, while the C20 summit devises different strategies to achieve 'one earth, one family, one future,' BGF leverages AI to reach similar objectives. For example, in Vietnam, BGF's staff and journalists have been phenomenal in laying the foundation for an ongoing AI debate and in the process bringing local and regional support to the idea. The same principles have backed BGF's success in the Indian market where AI projects and other operations have taken shape intending to deliver tranquility and security among civilians. In addition, open-minded leaders in India have sparked public debates on diverse AI concepts, improving knowledge sharing and debunking common misconceptions. Such debates have improved critical reasoning around AI. The mission has gained traction in India because of the shared kindness, respect, and positive attitudes toward the project. Therefore, India's uptake of such projects should be a benchmark for other regions.


Tuan acknowledges the importance of having like-minded partners in reaching his objective. Indian leaders' fascination with BGF's global impact brought them onboard and they have shown much dedication to the project by sharing and seeking information. India's focus is fostering societal betterment through technology-backed economic value. Other world leaders like Elizabeth, a French minister, and high-level leader, presidents, prime ministers from the Club de Madrid and the Global Enlightenment Community, are also partnering with BGF, giving it more traction in Europe and other regions.

From the C20 - G20 Summit, BGF got an understanding of the value and meaning it was bringing to the world. The response from the audience and the commitment most leaders showed towards partnership showed the shared dedication attendees had towards contributing to the model. As if that was not enough, most were willing to partner for six years and wanted to offer their support and resources to realize the global enlightenment age.

AI for a Sustainable Future

To achieve a sustainable future, society needs to understand the perks and risks AI usage presents. Today, a limited perspective makes most people view AI only as a tool for individuals and businesses. In addition, the limited scope makes most users blind to the greater societal applications, advantages, and disadvantages. They fail to understand the scale of AI's impact on society and life as we know it if put into effective use. Therefore, it is important to understand society's role in making AI more useful to us. Only then can people show a collective commitment to optimizing AI usage for an improved quality of life and a better world. Furthermore, such commitment means sharing knowledge and resources across borders to develop optimal AI technology. For that reason, Tuan engages in debates and secures partnerships to enhance the flow of resources and knowledge into AI-backed projects.

“With the AIWS model, we have already set up foundation values, standards, and the social contract for the NIH through which we seek to make the world and everyone happy.”

A positive uptake of the AIWS model is taking shape. However, additional resources and participation are necessary to reach its projected potential across the globe. Therefore, stakeholders in different regions and industries are all hands on deck. Contributing diverse ideas, concepts, and solutions and integrating them into well-informed solutions is the prerequisite to sustainable societal development. Such partnerships and collaboration are what Tuan believes will help society navigate future uncertainties.


Tuan Nguyen’s focus is assessing current AI solutions to identify future needs, create awareness and integrate technical expertise and professional backgrounds into practical solutions. As a result, he aligns the agenda with using advanced technology to develop the ideal societal structures. Therefore, his agenda transcends the individual focus on issues concerning gender equality, suitability development, and climate change and looks to provide AI-backed solutions that cut across similar societal issues.

Today, the BGF seeks to unite four key global economic players: Japan, the EU-the UK, India and the US. In addition, it also seeks to secure partnerships that will set the stage for its expansion in 10 more countries, including Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, New Zealand, and Indonesia, among others. However, BGF’s current limitation is its inability to manage and track AI abuse by organizations and governments. Nevertheless, the foundation is confident it will build its resource base to help channel adequate funding and skills toward oversight in the following years.

Embracing New Perspectives

BGF is attracting more organizations across the world to expand its operations and get additional support. Horizon Search is among the latest organizations to partner with BGF as it works towards making AI more productive. Other groups and individuals are also working together with the team and get to participate in the global enlightenment community. As a result, they integrate AIWS benefits into operational improvements in their businesses.

For example, BGF and AIWS partners have access to AI evaluation, effective data management, and strategic data integration tools to provide leaders with better return on investment (ROI) margins. Similarly, MIT research suggests that organizations that invest in AI explore data-driven cultures, internal and external data management and sharing, and career enhancement frameworks that improve the business value they generate from operations (Eastwood, 2023).


From the benefits, partnering with BGF is also a gateway to the AIWS’ world of endless possibilities. However, it is important to look at the roles the two organizations play before making a decision.

The BGF is comprehensive, accommodating many topics and issues. The platform provides individuals and organizations with the ability to form teams and work together towards common goals. Being a global enlightenment community, it offers the opportunity to work with key global economic players and major global events such as the C20 and G20. This makes the BGF more suitable because of its general focus on multiple issues and the availability of numerous tasks. The AIWS, on the other hand, is focused on the future of the world using AI. Therefore, partnering with BGF and AIWS means getting the most out of both worlds for some companies.

“We need more resources, people, and companies to join and contribute together."

As a BGF partner, learning how to work together, create awareness and educate society will be of significant importance to the global enlightenment education program. The contribution, integration of ideas, available knowledge, and resources from different parts of the world, and working with experts such as MIT professors and business leaders provides a high standard of learning that can be useful.

BGF promotes individual and societal innovation. Most users develop a deeper understanding of new AI concepts because the AIWS model teaches practical and familiar approaches that they can apply to their daily lives. AIWS City , a practical model of AIWS, where esteemed leaders and distinguished thinkers come together to build and experiment with economic, social, educational, and cultural models using widespread, beneficial applications of artificial intelligence, digital technology, data, etc., As a result, these people can create new ideas, develop their businesses to tackle unique needs and create a balanced economic environment.

The BGF develops an ecosystem that holds together different values, ideas, concerns, and issues, integrating them to come up with mutual values that benefit every member. Therefore, there is always room for fresh ideas in BGF, making it ideal for any entrepreneur or individual seeking to enhance or contribute to a positive AI-driven society.


Tuan Nguyen is the true definition of a goal-oriented, passionate professional and entrepreneur. With skills and experiences from leading numerous organizations, he focuses on AI, AI safety, and AI benefits to individuals, organizations, and society at large. He provides a deeper view of AI’s place in societal development. However, he also emphasizes the need for creating AI awareness, equal access, and an oversight environment for safe and productive use among individuals and organizations. The world can only be better if we put our differences aside and work towards achieving a common development goal: a world free of problems.

For Tuan, having a vision does not suffice if one lacks the support to realize it. He acknowledges the phrase ‘no man is an island’ by showing appreciation to his family, work staff and colleagues, and partners who have offered immeasurable support throughout his endeavors. Similarly, he also points out that diversity is critical in any project because of the fresh perspectives and ideas it offers especially when developing unique and crucial solutions.

It is possible to achieve a better world with the use of AI. The global enlightenment initiative focuses on creating awareness about AI, and its pros and cons, to help properly manage, assess, and keep up with the trends. Therefore, BGF and the AIWS initiatives are effective places to start as we brace for an AI-driven future in our businesses, work, and society.


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