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Empowering Minds

Enriching Lives

This platform was started with a vision of bringing together remarkable thought leaders from around the world and sharing their inspiring stories and invaluable insights to help others achieve their full potential.

This website features an extensive range of curated content, including:

  • In-depth articles covering diverse perspectives and experiences 

  • Engaging podcasts featuring conversations with industry experts and trailblazers

  • A comprehensive newsletter with updates from an expanding network of innovators and entrepreneurs

Join this growing community of curious and ambitious individuals eager to learn from the best and brightest in their fields. Explore the latest blogs and subscribe to our podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, or the platform of your choice, and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth with Horizon Search.


As a passionate lifelong learner and world traveller, I felt a strong desire to create a global leadership platform. Drawing from a wellspring of experiences as a tour guide in Asia, where I thrived on weaving stories from architecture, culture, and history to create unforgettable journeys, I discovered the immense value of diverse perspectives. Countless unique conversations that transcended borders and industries inspire me to this day. Now, I am channelling that spirit into Horizon Search to foster a space where leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the world can learn, share, and grow together.

Founder &

Chief Content Curator


As a graduate of Canada's top journalism program at Toronto Metropolitan University, I possess an unwavering passion for crafting captivating stories that are tailored to diverse audiences. My content has been featured in multiple local and international news platforms, as well as non-profit organizations, which eventually landed me recognition for a prestigious award by the Canadian Association of Journalists. Having explored over 10 countries across different continents, I've also cultivated a profound global perspective that enriches my storytelling. My genuine curiosity for the complexities of successful entrepreneurship is what fuels the energy I bring into every piece of content that I produce for Horizon Search.

Content Producer & SEO Specialist


A scholar, researcher and lifelong learner are titles that best describe me. Holding a BSc. in Animal Sciences, I have honed investigation and data collection skills that enhance the synthesis of credible information into informative pieces of scholarly and business value. Further, working as a freelance researcher and writer has kept me abreast with changes in different industries. My role at Horizon Search is integrating credible knowledge into critical and innovative insights for entrepreneurs and leaders. Operating in the contemporary workspace has also sharpened my tech-savviness, time management, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Content Creator and Blogger


As a fourth-year Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University, I excel in crafting narratives and multimedia content for diverse audiences. My work, featured in various publications, has garnered accolades from professors. With a background in digital and graphic design, as well as video and audio editing, I infuse creativity into every story I tell. I am drawn to narratives that celebrate empowering minds and remarkable thought, which resonate profoundly with Horizon Search's mission, inspiring many young individuals today.

Aylia Naqvi

Multimedia Specialist


Combining a love for writing and literature with expertise in business communication, I create compelling marketing copy and digital content. For a decade, I've been a key writer at Deztopia, a full-stack design studio where imagination meets innovation. My foundation in this field is fortified by a Master of Philosophy in English Literature and certifications in digital marketing and creative writing. Currently pursuing an MBA in Vancouver, I bring a rich blend of experience and ongoing learning to craft narratives that resonate and drive business forward.

Contributor Writer


I am a writer and storyteller drawn to people, persuasion, and the poignant. My experience in social media, film and television, digital publishing, and social impact has taught me that words are my passion, storytelling is my medium, and empathy is my motive. In my role as a content contributor at Horizon Search, I focus on content creation through thorough research and compelling writing. I look forward to elevating the valuable stories and lessons shared by bold voices and brilliant minds in pursuit of an ideologically rich society.

Content Contributor


A seasoned strategist with a robust background in tech and media, joining us from Uber in the U.S., where he has excelled in various roles for over two years, most recently as a Senior Associate in Strategy and Planning. Before his tenure at Uber, he was part of Monitor Deloitte's team in Dubai, where he honed his strategy consulting skills. As a Business Analyst and later a Strategy Consultant, he worked extensively on tech, media, and telecom projects across the Middle East. With this wealth of experience, he brings a deep understanding of strategic planning and operations to our team. We look forward to his insights and guidance as we navigate our own strategic path forward.


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