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Healing Through Affirmations: Jaguar Heart’s Message to Entrepreneurs

Portrait of Jaguar Heart


Key Takeaways

  • Learn how affirmations can rewire your brain for resilience, helping you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with clarity. 

  • Explore Jaguar Heart’s unconventional wealth management strategies, gaining valuable perspectives on securing financial stability amid unpredictable economic climates. 

  • In an ingenuine world, authenticity is social currency. Accepting your flaws at the workplace is a testament to courage.

“If you don’t lie, you have nothing to remember.” — Mark Twain

Jaguar Heart grew up in an abusive household devoid of love and support. His mother and primary caregiver had been vicious towards him. Like most turmoiled teenagers, Jaguar turned to escapism through drugs and loud parties to soothe his pain. When adulthood dawned upon him, Jaguar knew he had to discover other distractions to fill the void. He ventured into the world of investments. Jaguar had everything—a multi-million dollar apartment on the water in Sydney, a range of Rolexes, fast cars, clothes, and the company of attractive women—until he had nothing. He lost his properties and realised his friendships were transient. Heart hit rock bottom with the passing away of a loved one. 

After feeling a whirlwind of emotions, he decided to finally confront his inner demons, deciding to embark on a healing journey. He moved to the mountains of New Zealand where he wrote his heart out on the journey of life. After much thought and contemplation, he knew he wanted to be a therapist. 

Now, Heart is on a one-way path to healing not just himself but others. He is a dedicated professional aiding people to break free from their traumas, trapped emotions, and self-limiting beliefs. Jaguar is on a mission to prove that overcoming a bitter past does not take decades of therapy and that the answer lies in no medication but within your divine intelligence. 

Horizon Search caught up with Heart to decode the healing power of affirmations. He goes on to discuss the healing journey for entrepreneurs, the limiting nature of personality assessments, the management of expectations at work, and more. 

Affirmations For Entrepreneurs: How They Work 

“To become who you want, you must ‘unbecome’ whatever you are.”  — Jaguar Heart

The healing process is integral for anyone looking to lead a fulfilling life. The same holds for entrepreneurs who are constantly in fight or flight mode, pushing to keep the business running. Initially, they can be battered by failures and rejections, experiencing a cocktail of emotions. The road to success can seem long-winding, endless almost. In honesty, being an entrepreneur is like opening a canister of fears and insecurities. 

How can entrepreneurs, logically driven people who want to take calculated risks, use the power of affirmations to overcome their greatest fears? Heart breaks it down. At the heart of affirmation is a vibration. The way we interpret the world is through the word. Words go on to create a language, which in turn creates a code. A code goes on to form a program. Programs sit in our subconscious minds. And a set of thoughts live within each of these programs. These thoughts, twenty times stronger than feelings in terms of their frequency, travel to the conscious mind. Our thoughts lead to the emergence of feelings, which ultimately dictate behaviour. Behaviours, placed at the top of the ladder, produce desired results. Results lead to experiences which then finally form patterns. 

“Most people are trying to fix things at the behaviour, results and pattern end, not realising there’s a whole chain underneath this,” explains Jaguar. 

Personality Assessments Can Be Limiting 

Jaguar thinks there's a whole pallet of human condition and experience. Why must we choose to assign definitions to who we are? When prompted to express his opinion about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a popular personality assessment test, he says: “If I am in IFNJ [Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging], I would want to reinforce my social anxiety and not go out,” he says. Sometimes labelling our characteristics can be a recipe for disaster. 

There are others still who are convinced they are overtly empathetic. Though positive, that’s a label too. “The real empaths of the world are a tiny percentage,” Heart says. “These people tend to take on other people’s sickness. There’s no romanticisation here,” he says. For those who think of empathy as a superpower, Jaguar is here to tell them it can be the greatest crutch. “You have a dysregulated nervous system because you have been traumatised. You need to be on constant lookout for how other people feel to make sense of your world,” Heart says emphatically.  

Debt is a Chain 

Jaguar anticipates a financial reset. As an entrepreneur who has managed seventeen different businesses and made a fortune, Heart follows a lucid, non-complicated method of making money and also manages it well. He puts in a small amount of time each day and generates a lot of wealth. Heart is completely divorced from traditional investment methods such as property and admits having invested in cryptocurrency. 

“I never keep more than 20,000 dollars in one bank,” he says, elucidating his wealth management approach. Jaguar is against debt. “It keeps you working and stressed,” he says. When he sees his investments make returns, Jaguar is quick to secure them in exchangeable assets like gold in the face of war or economic collapse. Whilst following a realistic plan to manage his money, Heart has chosen to give up on the news and not partake in the internet’s outrage or cancel culture.

Overcoming Fears


Organisational structures need to expand to include human-centric systems. A case in point? Rewards and recognition at work. Times have changed. Performance reviews, not so much. Workplaces are still holding on to archaic methods of incentivising people at work. “People are not feeling valued anymore,” says Heart. “Performance reviews are based on deficit, not value,” he asserts.

If you’re trying to be perfect for everyone, your energy is sapped.“It is inauthentic to think you will satisfy everyone’s needs everywhere, at all times, advises Heart. Jaguar doesn’t support the ‘fake it till you make it school of thought. He believes that a person’s authenticity is a social currency in a society filled with ingenuity. So the next time you’re in a business meeting ahead of that crucial make-or-break deal, don’t be afraid to let people know you’re nervous; it shows that you care about this association deeply. It shows courage. 


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